Manufacturers of Aluminium Alloyed Ingots & Aluminium Billets


Quality Testing Of Raw Material

 Chemical Composition check on Spectrometer
 Cleaning and Segregation
 Visual Check

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Quality Testing of In process Products

 Degassing and Fluxing
 Chemical Composition Checking of each batch.
 Automatic Temperature Control
 Oxide control and film Removal.

Quality Testing of Finished products

 Batch number and grade marking on each product.
 Chemical Composition Rechecking of the finished product
 Retention of batch sample as per customer requirement


  • We at Jay Vijay Metals Pvt Ltd are committed to providing our customers with:
     High Quality Products
     Timely Delivery
     Competitive Pricing

  • What makes us different from others :
     Customer Centric Approach
     Well equipped automatic machines
     Expertise Technical Manpower
     Quality Products
     Innovation & service excellence
     Our Experience

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